A Complete Guide To Creating A PhD Dissertation Abstract Outline


An abstract is basically a summary of the thesis or your dissertation. Typically, an abstract is considered to be a crucial part of your write up because it is written right at the start of your work. The main job of the abstract is to present an overview of the entire essay and another major work of a good abstract is to create curiosity and generate interest in the reader so that he/she is compelled to read further. A nicely crafted abstract raises expectations from your write-up and sets the tone for the rest of the pages. However, writing an abstract can be a tricky situation because you only have around 150-350 words to impress the reader and captivate them. Therefore, the choice of words is very important and so is the content of the abstract. If you're one of that person who is confused on how to write an abstract then today is your lucky day because I will be telling you about few crucial steps which you should consider to when creating an abstract outline for your PhD dissertation.


The first important thing to keep in mind is the size of the abstract. Remember the shorter it is the better because long extracts won't generate as much interest as shorter, brief extracts. Also, the long abstract will result in a cluster of words which isn't visually appealing, to say the least.


The outline of the abstract should be in line with the outline of the thesis so that there is uniformity in your work and the readers won’t get confused.

Your Discovery:

The main aim of your abstract is to tell the viewers what you found in your research. Therefore, it is highly crucial that you don’t omit the results of your findings, but rather you should ignore the methodology used to gather the data as that should constitute the main body of your research paper. However, in the start, you should ask not more than three questions and in the latter half, you should address those questions.


In the end, I would be concluding by saying that these are the crucial steps which you should adhere to at any cost if you’re looking to construct an effective abstract outline for your research that will result in a captivating read and an interesting dissertation paper.

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