10 English Language Dissertation Ideas You Probably Wouldn’t Think Of

If you want to write an excellent English dissertation that will help you impress prospective employers, you should choose a topic that will be both intriguing and informative. Remember that this is a serious piece of academic writing that must show how well you’ve managed to master the subject. This is your opportunity to contribute to the field of your studies, so you should take it and create a paper that will help the students who come after you understand English a little bit better.

Here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration when choosing a topic for your English language dissertation:

  1. Assessing the language skills and vocabulary of late talkers.
  2. Some children start babbling some simple words before they turn one year old while others may stay silent for years. Explain how to tell the difference between a child who has some development impediment that prevents him or her from talking and the kids who simply choose not to practice their language skills. The latter group usually uses much more mature speech patterns when they finally decide to talk. Analyze the known cases.

  3. The difficulties the Chinese people face when studying English.
  4. You can choose any nation for this project. Explain how different language structures affect people’s abilities to learn English. Which sections do they struggle with the most?

  5. The changes in the American English caused by the immigrants.
  6. People from different countries contribute many things to the American culture. They influence the language as a whole. Find some examples of the changes that can be traced back to immigrants.

  7. Phonological transfer of Chinese Mandarin to English.
  8. Explain the main differences and similarities between the phonological systems of these languages.

  9. The effect of dyslexia on language performance.
  10. Explain what dyslexia is and how this disorder affects the person’s ability t speak and understand text.

  11. The challenges that English-speaking people face when studying Arabic.
  12. Does relying on English grammar make studying Arabic more difficult?

  13. Preservation of one’s language skills in Alzheimer’s patients.
  14. Explain how the person’s speech is affected by this condition and offer some ideas of practices that will help slow down the deterioration process.

  15. The attitude of English-speaking people to those who utilize local dialects.
  16. Are they supported and acknowledged as real language? Can people be discriminated against because of their dialects?

  17. The role of non-verbal communication in understanding between people who speak different languages.
  18. Do we really need to know another language to develop a mutual understanding with people who speak it?

  19. The current social status of internet slang.
  20. Who uses it and how often? Is this a bad thing?

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