Mastering Dissertation Writing: How To Choose A Topic

One of the main obstacles that student go through when starting to write their dissertation is selecting their topic.  This can be long process if you don’t know how to do it.  You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a topic that has nothing to do with your field or one that is boring and loses it appeal a few months into researching it.  If you follow these suggestions on how to choose a topic, you dissertation will be something that you want to work on and be on a topic that is great.

How To Choose A Topic

  • Think back during your graduate and undergraduate career, was there a topic that really interested you during that time?  If so then do that topic, some students know way ahead of time what they want to do after they graduate and what their topic will be for their dissertation.  These usually go hand in hand because you want to write a dissertation that has to do with your future career and picking a topic on that subject will help you land that job later.
  • Sit down at your computer or grab a pen and a piece of paper and think about three issues that you might want to study.  Now take those issues and turn them into questions.  This is brainstorming, the issues that you wrote down are broad topics that you want to write about and writing the questions narrows them down and out of those three you can pick one to do your dissertation on.
  • Do your research and look at other scholars study and see what they say needs to be studied more.  Finding research that has already been done on a broader subject can help you narrow down what needs to be studied, which will give you an original topic to use for your dissertation.
  • You could also replicate someone else’s study but do this with caution because an older study might need new information for it but don’t pick one where you can find new information.

When you are choose your topic make sure it is one that you are passionate about and always keep the job market in mind as you choose.  Before you start your subject, research and study why this topic hasn’t been used before.  There might be a reason for it and you don’t want to do one that can’t be studied.  Keep in mind how long it will take to conduct this study, you don’t want to choose one that takes ten years to do, when you want to be done in a couple.

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