How To Write A Strong PhD Dissertation: Five Great Suggestions

Your PhD dissertation is the most important paper you will ever have to write. It is the culmination of years of hard work and is the only thing standing between you and an extremely high paying job.    It is important that you get a good grade on you PhD dissertation, after all, you don't want to have sacrificed your social life for nothing. There is no one thing that will guarantee you a successful dissertation, but there are hints and tips that can send you on the right track. Here are five of them.

  1. Create a timetable
  2. When writing your PhD dissertation, it is important that you allocate the right amount of hours each day. Too little hours will result in an inferior paper while too many hours will tire you out and make you resent the writing process.

    A timetable will allow you to keep on top of your schedule while moving at a pace which suits you.

  3. Research a number of potential topics
  4. Before you begin writing your PhD dissertation, you should always research a number of topics before deciding which one you are going to write about.

    This will give you an idea of how much information is available on each topic. If you choose one topic right off the bat, you run the risk of finding that there is not enough information on your topic when it is too late to change.

  5. Never use Wikipedia
  6. Anybody who has written an academic essay in the past decade has no doubt been warned against using Wikipedia to find information.

    Wikipedia is  hot bed of misinformation and should be avoided when you are writing you PhD dissertation. It is not uncommon to lose marks if you include Wikipedia in your bibliography.

  7. Create an essay outline
  8. Once the research process has been completed, you will be tempted to dive straight into your dissertation. Such a move, however, is ill advised.

    You should always create an outline before you begin writing your dissertation. This will act as a handy guide as you write.

  9. Proofread
  10. You should always remember to proofread your dissertation once you have completed it.

    Many people neglect to proofread their dissertation out of fear that they will have to correct mistakes after hours of writing. This is totally understandable, but you should be aware that through doing this, you are sacrificing a higher grade.


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