A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Choose Dissertation Topics

Many people may not know what a dissertation topic is. A dissertation topic is a topic relating to a student’s degree. You may have just been like ‘but there are many degrees’ and that is very true. There are over hundreds of degrees with sub-degrees and majors and minors but none of that matters as long as you follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to choose a dissertation topic for your dissertation.

  • What is your degree?
  • In order to begin to even choose what your topic will be you first must know what your degree is. Knowing your degree will point out key themes or ideas that could be used as your main topic. If you have no clue what you degree pertains to, look at the individual courses that you have taken or are currently taking. By looking at the course and the syllabus, you will at least have the faintest idea of what the basic themes are of your degree.

  • What key themes are repeated?
  • Knowing what is repeated over and over again in your degree courses will help you narrow down a topic. For instance, some random student has decided to complete a degree in criminology. A repeated theme could be forensics, so their topic might pertain to forensic science. Knowing the theme/s can lead to a topic for your dissertation.

  • Objectives of a course
  • Maybe you were not able to pinpoint themes from a course syllabus, or you simply cannot find a repeated theme. In that case, it would be best to look at the objectives of a course. The objectives will tell you what you will learn by the end of the course. And so using that you should be able to formulate a theme or even a topic.

Finding a topic for your dissertation can be hard if the degree you are taking pertains to rare material or material that is lacking. In that case, it’s best to figure out if you need to look at a specific theme or idea or a general theme or idea. In order for a student to find a topic they first must know their degree. You cannot choose a topic if you don’t know what your degree contains. Secondly, within a degree many courses relate to one another or even build on what another course taught. Finding a common theme could pull in all of what you learned from all your courses or the majority of them; giving you a chance to use more sources for your dissertation. If you were unable to figure out a topic for your dissertation using the first two steps, then use the third step. That is, look at individual course objectives and see if you can tie any of them together to create a topic. Finding a topic may be easy or hard depending on a student’s degree. But if you check this website, you will find the help you need.

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