Great nursing topics to write your dissertation on

The value and importance of nursing has never been so prominent and as widely recognized as it is today. The number of students wanting to undertake nursing studies has never been so great. And that interest has created an increase in nursing courses with colleges and schools offering a wide variety of study options. If you are keen to pursue a career in nursing and wish to write a dissertation, then there is a wide range of subject material to consider.

Remember that the choice of topic for all essays and certainly for a research paper is often helped or hindered by your decision. If you choose a dissertation topic on an aspect of nursing you are really keen to pursue in the future, then you are giving yourself as huge helping hand for your current writing and then, later, for your career in nursing.

With the size of a dissertation and the amount of research and planning which goes into such a piece of writing, it is doubly important you take your time and choose a topic which helps in various ways. Is there plenty of relevant and accessible research material available? Does your supervisor support you strongly in tackling the topic of your choice? Is this topic new or at least does the approach you have chosen to write about this topic give you the opportunity to tell a new and vibrant story?

Remember that your dissertation could not just earn you an excellent academic result but it could help other nursing students become enthused or educated in the field of your study. Choose the topic well because it has the potential to help you in many ways.

Here is a list of just some of the possible nursing topics you could choose to write your dissertation.

  1. Nurses need to deal with phobias and fears.
  2. Changes in nursing practices around the world.
  3. The history of career opportunities for those interested in nursing.
  4. How nurses deal with chronic illnesses today.
  5. The range of specialized services which nurses can now provide.
  6. Dealing with new drugs in hospitals today.
  7. Leading nursing practitioners who have changed the world of nursing.
  8. Nurses being trained to deal specifically with dementia patients.
  9. Can working with alternative therapies and alternative medicine be a relevant field for nursing?
  10. Nurses and their safety in the workplace.

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