18 Outstanding Ideas For Education Dissertation Topics

Learning about learning is one of the fascinating aspects of studying the field of education which makes it worthwhile to new entrants. By engaging in the right type of research you can make a major impact in the lives of all future generations. Knowing that, you may want to be very careful in deciding what new theories to pay attention to and what topics you should be writing you dissertation on. There are just about infinite ideas out there waiting for you to choose them but the following represent 18 that you can safely consider:

  1. Modern Learning: Could Unschooling be the future of education?
  2. How has the widespread use of smart technology both increased and decreased the workloads of most elementary school teachers?
  3. How has the growing worldwide obesity epidemic impacted on the educational prospects of larger children?
  4. Is there a case for the implementation of a shorter school week?
  5. To what extant does early diagnosis of autism result in greater mainstreaming possibilities for children at school?
  6. How effective is hypnotherapy in the reversal of poor study habits?
  7. To what extent does in utero exposure to classical music and educational stimuli predispose a child to greater academic success?
  8. Can a particular diet be said to significantly increase the chance of attaining genius level academic abilities?
  9. Are creative subjects like art and music being put down in favour of scientific ones?
  10. Does studying at night create less established memories?
  11. Do children who study music get better grades than those who actively participate in sports?
  12. Can the use of written exams ever be fully abolished and what systems could be used instead?
  13. Does the world benefit more from having Prussian style mandatory education so widespread?
  14. What are the major barriers facing senior citizens considering re-entry into education?
  15. What factors determine whether learning via a simulator will be as or more effective than learning in the actual environment?
  16. Does the overabundance of information online signal the eventual end of formal schooling?
  17. Will the use of MOOCs make brick and mortar colleges irrelevant?
  18. To what extent is online education a feasible alternative to its in person alternative?

A list like this is by no means exhaustive. Undoubtedly you have come up with your own ideas while looking through it. Use them well and write with confidence.

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