20 Great Topic Ideas For Your Nursing Dissertation

Your nursing dissertation should contain solid knowledge and interesting evidence. You should emphasize a specific subject, select a particular aspect of the subject, conduct a research, and communicate its results to the readers. The first and most important step toward starting your work is choosing a great topic idea that you’ll write about.

Most students agree that it’s hard to decide what to write their nursing dissertations about. However, they realize that the topic ideas should be worthy spending their time and effort. If you don’t know what subject you want to study deeply, you should look through sample great topic ideas and select something you like.

The following list consists of twenty outstanding topic ideas that you can develop in your nursing dissertation:

  1. The role of community service in carrying for elderly patients.
  2. Adolescent eating disorders: the impact of the family therapy.
  3. The relationship between mental health issues and poor housing conditions.
  4. Adult mental health problems: effective techniques and positive impacts.
  5. Schizophrenic patient’s delusions: why does it make sense to listen to them?
  6. Food labels: how does understanding of what we eat can help people avoid obesity?
  7. Ethical issues involved in a relationship between a patient and nurse.
  8. Gardening therapy: how does it help to reduce stress among the office workers?
  9. The spouses of Alzheimer’s patients: what psychological problems do they usually have?
  10. Depression and laugher therapy: why does it have an effect in many cases?
  11. Depression and music therapy: what effect does it have on adolescent patients?
  12. Patients with mania and possible treatment: why does art therapy decrease aggression in such patients?
  13. Phobias and the ways of treatment: why do male and female patients manage phobias differently?
  14. Bad habits and teenagers: what is the attitude and knowledge toward bad habits among teenagers?
  15. Obesity education: what is the role of education in prevention of teenage obesity?
  16. The effectiveness of stop-smoking programs: does it make sense to target the programs to gender, client age, and social status?
  17. The life-long education among nurses: do experienced nurses use new practices less often, compared to their less-experienced colleagues?
  18. Nurse phone consultations: why are these consultations effective?
  19. Breathing techniques and meditation: the effectiveness in managing stress and anxiety.
  20. Community nursing facilities use: why do people with different ethnic backgrounds make different use of the same facilities?

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