How To Write A College-Level Thesis: An Effective Guide

It's more than likely that you've been asked to write more than one over the course of your schooling, but college is the most important. The reason is obvious. It's something you should be proud of; something that should be a statement of all that you've learned. Now is the time to perfect your skills and impress your professors.

This can be a daunting task. It's important to focus your project on something that you feel strongly about. Your passion will come through in your writing. Your first step is to choose your subject. The next is to write, but you might need a little help on the way. So let's begin!

Thesis statements are usually introduced in the last sentence of your first paragraph. It's not always required, but it's important to make this known in that first paragraph. The subject should be clear.

Always state where you stand. You have to make a claim. You can't simply say that something is or is not; you have to explain why something is or is not. Use your voice; choose your stance on your thesis and go from there. You should be opposing something.

You must explain how your information will be presented. This step can be relatively easy. Telling the reader what you're going to explain and how you will explain it is essentially a guideline for the rest of your paper. If you ever get stuck during your writing, go back to your statement and the introductory paragraph to make sure you're on track.

Do your research. You can't write without it. You have to collect facts, data and all kinds of information to support your statements.

Present your facts. Using your opinion is fine, but you will need the information to prove what you're saying. For example, if your thesis is in opposition to underage drinking, you have to say explain the effects alcohol can have. You have to be able to present proof that your argument is valid.

Have a strong conclusion. You have to remind your readers of your original statement. You have to remind them of your reasoning for your opposing argument. It should be effective, confirm your thesis statement and have an impact.

You should always choose a topic that you resonate with. It will make your paper so much easier to write.

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