The Basic Of Writing A Dissertation Methodology Section

The real trick in writing academic papers like dissertation is to know how to carefully craft each distinct section of such paper. This is because if you end up getting any of the sections wrong, it tells on the rest of the paper. In this case, the concentration is on the methodology section. Don’t give the defence committee the slightest excuse for your dissertation to be rejected due to one or more errors. It is not everybody that understands how to carefully write this part of an academic paper and that could be the reason why you are on this page right now.

What you need is a clear and simple guide on how you can successfully write the methodology section of your academic paper. Here is the guide you need to get started:

  • Clearly State The Problem: The basis on which your project is initiated is to solve a particular problem. Your methodology should state what this problem is.

  • Indicate Your Approach: In a few sentences, you should let your target readers know the approach you took in finding the solution to the problem.

  • Make Reference To Previous Works: In order not to portray your work as a stand-alone, you should make references to projects that have been done in the past based on the same problem your paper is addressing.

  • Indicate The Reproducibility Of Your Method: Your target readers would love to know if the method you initiated can be reproduced by other students in the future. If your method can be reproduced, then it would be deemed to be credible since other students might just find it use in later years.

  • Justify Your Chosen Method: In a situation where there are other alternative methods, it is important you let your target readers know why you chose the particular method you used. This way, you can successfully justify the resources, energy, and time that went into the adopted method.

These are just a few of the basics of writing a dissertation methodology section. You should also discuss the validity and reliability of your chosen method. Above all, make sure that you include facts in order for your paper not to be rated as being misleading. With these, you should be able to compose an informative methodology. If you need help composing your entire paper, I’ve found this site very helpful for that purpose.

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