Writing A Dissertation Acknowledgements Section: A Helpful Template

Your dissertation acknowledgement section is the section where you thank all of the people, groups, and organizations that helped you complete your paper. This section causes students quite a bit of stress because they don’t want to leave anyone out that helped them. But this can be a bad thing to do if you put too much into the acknowledgement. You only want to acknowledge the people that really helped you and if you want to go broader with it, start out it out broad. For example if someone inspired you when you were younger to pursue your degree start with them and move forward with the others. While there is an endless list of people you can give thanks to, there are certain people you should always thank.

People To Thank

  • You first want to start by thanking all of the teachers or professors that helped you complete your dissertation and give at least one sentence on why you are thanking them.
  • Next you want to thank all of your helpers, like lab assistants, study buddies, and so on.
  • Thank all of the groups that helped finance your research. This can be people, scholarships or grants.
  • The last on the acknowledgements should be the personal ones, the ones that you might get emotional about. Don’t use personal anecdotes that are too personal. This is a dissertation and you don’t want to be unprofessional.


There isn’t a set template that is used to write an acknowledgement section of your dissertation but almost all of them start out with the word acknowledgements at the top of the page. There is also not a set length on this section of your dissertation unless your school sets on. But usually one to two pages is more than enough to thank everyone that helped you. If you are having trouble with the set up of your acknowledgment section of your dissertation, you can go online and search for templates or examples of other students work. This will give you a general idea about who you should include in yours as well as how other students successfully completed theirs. The best thing to you with this section of your dissertation is to keep it short and don’t go overboard with thanking everyone that you came in contact with during the time your wrote it. Acknowledge the people that really helped and not the guy that you bought coffee off everyday.

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