Composing A Great Undergraduate Dissertation Proposal: 5 Simple Rules

Writing a great undergraduate dissertation proposal is certainly not the easiest thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task, either. As long as you stick to a few basic rules, you’ll be able to do an excellent job of it.

  • Start early
  • It’s absolutely essential that you start working on your dissertation proposal as early as possible. All the planning, research and writing that goes into composing it takes time, so you really can’t afford to procrastinate. So, as soon as you get your brief, get going on it!

  • Follow the guidelines
  • One of the most important things you need to know about writing your undergraduate dissertation proposal is that you absolutely have to follow the guidelines that your lecturers give you. If you don’t follow them, you will jeopardise your grade. So, make sure you know exactly what is expected of you in terms of formatting style, length, layout and the like by carefully reading through your brief before you actually start working on your project.

  • Make a plan
  • Making a proper plan is vital to the success of your undergraduate dissertation proposal. So, even though it may seem like a bit of a waste of time, you have to formulate a decent plan of action. The planning fallacy is a theory in social psychology that states that people always underestimate the time it will take them to complete a task. So, account for the planning fallacy by adding extra time to each phase of your timeline.

  • Get help when you need it
  • So many students are too embarrassed or proud to ask for help when they need it, and it often costs them a decent grade. Don’t fall into that trap. Rather be adult about it, and look for help when you need it. If you get stuck, you can make an appointment to see your lecturer about the problem. You can’t afford to waste your time fumbling around problems.

  • Proofread the final product
  • One of the stupidest mistakes students make is to submit their dissertation proposals without proofreading them. Don’t do that! Spend some time reading through your work to check for errors before you submit it.

Now that you know the five golden rules, you can apply them and write an outstanding undergraduate dissertation proposal that will blow your lecturers away!

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