7 Exciting Dissertation Topics In Marketing And Management

Marketing is one of the most interesting divisions of the business subjects. You need to study and analyze consumer behavior and plan your strategies and marketing campaigns to gain maximum satisfaction for your target audience. The feedback and user experience helps in understanding the perceptions and expectations of the consumers. You get to realize the strengths and identify weaknesses in your product or services. Businesses and companies revise their products and improve their services based on the results of research gathered by and for marketing and promotional campaigns.

If you are to write a dissertation about marketing and management then you need to understand the subject first. This is important if you want to win over your professors. The teacher can tell if you wrote this paper out of genuine interest or if it is not your own creation. A dissertation is a critical assignment because your degree depends upon it. If for some reason, the teacher rejects your dissertation then you will not receive your degree.

The most time consuming part about writing a dissertation is the topic selection. You need to have a fresh and unique topic for your paper that will decide the scope of your research. This should not be something already in discussion. Remember to keep the requirements by your teacher in your mind if you want to come up with a strong paper and topic. You need to brainstorm for fresh ideas and show your ideas to your teacher to make sure you are on the right page.

Sometimes students have plenty of ideas to include in their paper but it is hard for them to pick one and start their paper. Below are some exciting topics that you can use in writing a dissertation on marketing and management.

Exciting topics for a dissertation in marketing and management

  1. The role of pricing and packaging in deciding the availability and placement of a product
  2. The best way to fire an employee without having to feel guilt
  3. The importance of corporate culture in a business and its branding
  4. What are the most cost effective ways to market a consumable product targeted for adults over the age of 20
  5. The real time benefits of having a digital marketing campaign in the year 2015
  6. How o businesses calculate their growth in terms of response to marketing campaigns
  7. What is brand loyalty and how to win it

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