Top 15 Dissertation Topics On Social Media Marketing You Shouldn't Pass By

There is no doubt that social media has had a mammoth impact on the ways individuals and big businesses market themselves in today’s competitive global marketing structure. Social Media’s impact on business just in the past five years has been measurable in its impact and studies can now use undeniable data and statistics on how social media has already transformed the business world. Armed with this measurable data, students can write informed essays that use past trends to predict future trends in how social media marketing can and will continue to impact business and marketing today.

Looking Back at Social Media Marketing 2009-2014

Some of the top dissertation ideas, therefore, use social media data from 2009-2014, when social media really hit hard and began transforming businesses from sole proprietorship to large corporations.

Popular Fields for Marketing Dissertations

One very popular area right now is the way social media is predicated to have a transformative effect upon healthcare in the coming five to ten years. Other interesting studies are being done on social media’s effect on the restaurant industry—from big corporations like Burger King to the mom and pop restaurant in your town.

Other studies are focusing on how new technologies will morph the way we market ourselves through social media in the near and far approaching future. These studies provide fascinating information using predictive measurements in the way computers and devices will change in the coming years.

These dissertations, if written with an eye toward publication, will become important studies for future students and scholars of marketing.

  1. How Social Media Can Impact Marketing Strategies
  2. Social Media’s Future in Marketing and Business
  3. Social Media and Marketing: A Look At Marketing Since Facebook and Twitter Exploded
  4. Social Media and A Look At Hospitality and Management Marketing
  5. The Role of Social Media Marketing in the Hotel Marketing Sector
  6. Social Media and It’s Impact on International Marketing Today
  7. Social Media and How Its Impacting the Healthcare Sector
  8. The Future of Social Media Marketing: A Look at Coming Trends
  9. Social Media and BOP Marketing
  10. Social Media and Marketing Ethics
  11. Social Media Marketing and New Technologies
  12. Social Media and Marketing Across Cultures
  13. Social Media Marketing and Its Impact on Small Businesses
  14. Social Media Marketing and Branding
  15. Social Media Marketing and Consumer Behavior Trends

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