Dissertation Writing Made Simple: 5 Tips On The Research Methods

Ask any Doctoral aspirant what his current headache is and he will invariably answer in one word – Dissertation. This is a research work of such potency, exaction and merit that it takes enormous labor and zeal to craft it.

A piece of magic

The magical thing is that if you keep your pennies in the right pockets, you may find the task fairly convenient. You need to remember one thing though. Dissertation becomes a simple territory if you have a pertinent and feasible research method in mind.

Here are a few tips which may simplify your exercise –

  1. Direct intervention – You can directly get into the field; zero in on the homes you need to knock and field your questions with perspicacity. The direct sampling offers you direct answers and the analysis becomes easy to accumulate. Yes, it will require manual labor but you cannot have everything in life.
  2. Random sampling – You may alternatively pick random homes in different localities and offer them well-carved questionnaires. Then you need to factor in the different environment and perspectives and accordingly analyze. This offers your dissertation a different and fresh take.
  3. Theoretical research – You may sneak into credible resources and find out valid quotients about the dissertation topic. You can then synthesize the various perspectives and make an inference from the stuff in hand. You need to be exact with your findings for better returns.
  4. Progressive research – Jot down the futuristic points in relation with the dissertation topic and make practical readings with a view to find opinions about your ‘in-the-future’ perspective. The answers that you get will give you a clear picture of where the topic is going to head. This is almost a romantic type of research.
  5. Innovative research – You can plan something innovative in the context of the dissertation topic and assess the reactions of a group of people on the same. You will get the idea as to whether the topic has the capacity to still delight people with new takes.

Making life easy

It is to note that all the mentioned methods relate more to opinionated topics than exact science papers. The latter will actual need systematic experiments and tests rather than the views of people and the humane analysis. It is generally agreed that opinionated subjects offer tougher time to students when it comes to doctoral submissions. What these tips will do is to ease the load. All you will require is to follow the framework to reach your end.

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