Writing A Thesis Paper In High School: 5 Quick Tips

What is a Thesis

A thesis is a theory or a personal take on a subject which is corroborated by supportive discussion or facts. In High School, you will be required to write such essays for homework. Such assignments are not just about getting good grades. These actually help to bring out dormant ideas or opinions about topics you never thought about before. So if you want to do justice to such a task, keep the following tips in mind.

Here are 5 quick tips that should help you to put forward an impressive thesis:

  • Identify your topic - If you are in a relatively junior standard, then in all probability, the topic for your thesis has already been provided to you by your teacher. But in higher standards, your teacher may ask you to think of a topic by yourself. You should start by considering a subject or an issue which is close to your heart, preferably something, which you have firsthand experience or knowledge in. If nothing comes to mind, then select a topic in which you can take the experience or wisdom of someone in your family. Try to make your thesis as unique as possible.

  • Organize your paragraphs and their functions - It is preferable that you make 4-5 paragraphs at least. The first being the introduction, where you state your theory or opinion and the last being the conclusion. The paragraphs in between is where you build on your thesis.

  • Research - Do not base your entire work solely on your own or someone else’s experience. You should refer to books, magazines, newspaper articles or online articles which cover the topic of your interest. Make sure that these sources of information are credible and do not simply copy and paste their language.

  • Give enough supportive facts or examples - The body of the work that you plan to submit should have enough and quality facts or examples that support your idea or opinion. Order your examples from strong to weak. You should never try to manipulate the reader into agreeing with you. The points or examples in your text should do that for you.

  • Discuss both sides of a controversial issue - While writing a thesis, you should discuss both sides of an argument or issue but should not budge from your opinion. Be firm and straightforward, that is what makes it interesting.
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