Writing Tutorial: What Should A Dissertation Conclusion Include?

The introduction and conclusion are supposedly the two most important parts of any academic paper and you will have the best of knowledge if you get to tame these two parts well. In fact, you will be served well right into those doctoral years once you have refined understanding and purposeful knowledge of these parts. There are several things that you may reflect upon in the chase as well. Here are a few things that may be interpreted well.

What makes the conclusion so important?

There are several people who cannot get the conclusion right even after much practice and training. But you will have to know that if the dissertation is strengthened and made interesting with the introduction, it is closed and made impactful with the conclusion. The conclusion of the paper:

  • Leaves the last impression on the minds of the readers

  • Is responsible for closing the dissertation

  • Takes the paper to its logical conclusion

  • Tells a summary of the facts and figures of the paper

  • Invites the readers to critique and analyze the paper

The connectedness with the chapters

The conclusion is said to be organic when there is a connection between the conclusion and the chapters that you have been writing. This makes the conclusion a sharp way of reflection and there are several people that make the most of the available opportunities and this is one of the most impartial things that are making the things seem as valuable as they are.

The reason for the intertwined nature of academic conclusions

If you have been through some conclusions lately, you will note that most of the conclusions have a very complex and intertwining nature that cannot be deliberated over. There are several ways in which the conclusion can be made to appear what it is like and one of the main ways to get started is the reflection of the paper itself.

The need for political correctness

There is a slight need for political correctness in the conclusion you right. You may not simply go out and state out your own opinion about the subject. There has to be the same balance that you have injected in some of the earlier chapters that you have written.

Hide from the euphemisms that tend to take readers away from the meaning of the paper. There are several such euphemisms that may not serve the paper well and you will do well to avoid them.

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