Great Suggestions on How to Find a Sample Dissertation Proposal in No Time

Time is a resource that dissertation students never have in abundance, and you do not want to spend too much of it looking for a sample dissertation proposal. Here are few tips on how to get a quality example in a moment.

  • Talk to your advisor.
  • Your advisor can guide your way to good sample proposals, or even share with you a few examples he or she has on file. Asking a direct question will take just a moment. As a result, you may get a sample about which you know for sure that it is in compliance with your advisor’s stricter requirements. It will save you lots of time you would otherwise spend comparing different examples to select the best one to use.

  • Talk to your colleagues.
  • If your advisor does not seem willing to lend any help, turn to your friends and colleagues who also work on their dissertations. You talk to them all the same, so ask, between times, whether they know a source of quality proposal samples. You risk nothing, and you can get a valuable advice without spending your own time on online search.

  • Check dissertation examples on your university website.
  • Many universities have a collection of theses they store as examples of good practice for current students. These dissertations have top-quality proposals that are in strict compliance with your university guidelines. Moreover, discovering them just takes a couple of clicks.

    Not all university databases are organized in a convenient way, so you may need a brief search by keywords to discover most relevant examples. Derive the keywords from your dissertation topic (you should get it approved before you start looking for proposal samples).

  • Find a reliable and free dissertation database.
  • If none of the ways above has yielded the result you like, your last option is smart online search. “Smart” means that you can save lots of time by organizing it properly. First, enter your search query: “free dissertation databases” plus the name of your discipline. Next, check the names of websites. Open only the links that lead to educational resources (with .edu or .org in their name). These are mostly websites of universities or educational authorities that contain lists of credible dissertation databases to help students in their search. Next, open any free database and use search by keywords to discover thesis samples you can make the best use of. Every dissertation database has hundreds of genuine and well-written items with proposals you can use as your template.

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