10 Great Industrial Organizational Psychology Dissertation Ideas To Consider

A dissertation for your course of organizational psychology is not always easy to be done. The topics are not as diverse as they are in other subjects and it can be difficult to find something that allows you to create a complete paper. Besides, it is more difficult to make any kind of study or experiment; people are not willing to participate at experiments during their working hours. If you need some fresh ideas for your dissertation, we’ve put together a list of 10 great ones for you to consider.

  1. How different types of personality work together. This topic is very accessible for the students who do not want to make extensive research. All you need to do is to study each type of personality and to identify a group ready to help you out with your experiment.
  2. What is more effective? To have friendly, or official relations with your coworkers? This is a matter that was discussed for years. While some companies are planning team buildings every month, other companies have a very strict policy when it comes to the relations between coworkers.
  3. The company hierarchy. How this influences the performance of the employees and how it can be improved; how important it is to have a boss?
  4. Personnel recruitment. What are the things that companies search in their potential employees?
  5. Individual assessments. How can we create a good impression and get advantages in front of the other candidates.
  6. The effect of physical activity over work efficiency. Many researches prove that people who are exercising on a regular basis are also more efficient at their work place.
  7. Criteria for promotion. Talk about the factors that can influence an employer to offer a promotion, and why some other people get it without too much effort, while others have to work for years.
  8. The effect of a good remuneration. In what way a big salary can motivate a worker and what are the risks of hiring an overqualified person.
  9. The benefits of an ethnical diverse workforce. Most of companies nowadays have workers from all over the world. Is this bringing any benefit for the company? What are the major ones?
  10. How to stimulate innovation. Companies are actively searching for new ways to stimulate the creativity of their employees. Give some examples and how could these be applied.

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