Composing A Dissertation Proposal On Hospitality Management

Hospitality management connects with hotels and Bed & Breakfast, lodges and inns et al. It is extremely interesting how staying places operate at different costs and yet manage to offer fulsome hospitality to customers.

An intense subject

This is an intense subject for dissertation. When you compose a salient proposal on the theme; you need to convince the instructors that you can do full justice to the tenet, complete your Research and Methodology and by extension the whole dissertation within a suggested time period.

The critical avenues

You need to specify on critical avenues which define hospitality management and how you propose to make a semantic change. You can mention the various loopholes and drawbacks ailing the sector along with the origin, sustenance and effects of the problem.

The curiosity quotient

Try and introduce curiosity element into the dissertation so that the instructors feel encouraged to go through it and then the actual work. Your thesis statement should be redoubtable and reference points acute and strong enough. You should also present the dissertation background in a committed manner.

Covering all angles

Explain the various questions pertaining to the theme. The ‘what’ and ‘why’ along with other considerations should be answered in a proactive manner so that instructors understand where you are coming from.

The standing issue

You should also slowly but surely raise a poignant issue as the standing motif of your dissertation proposal. Thus, instructors will get a feeling that you are fiddling with an act of note and not merely floating paper kitten.


You should press forth the fact that your contribution will be a real value-addition to the society; no matter what subject or theme you take on. You should be very fastidious while choosing the topic and pick something which offers great avenues for deliberation, enquiry and research.

Play an impacting game

Your dissertation proposal, if well crafted, is a ticket to the big league. You have to impress the instructors and the team of invigilators and assert on them that you are pretty well grounded on the subject. Your abstract, reference and logic of methodology should all be astute and mordant. Otherwise, the essence gets lost somewhere in the middle.

A second opinion

Once you complete the proposal, go through it and assess whether it makes an impression as an objective analyst. Feel free to get rid of segments you feel unnecessary; even if you have a soft corner for the words you have used there.

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