Advanced Guidelines For Effective Dissertation Writing: Developing A Strong Topic

A strong topic for a dissertation is important. This will help you get depth and length necessary for your project. Some students get overwhelmed with the idea of writing a dissertation because so much is expected of them. The good news is you can develop a strong topic based on what you can contribute through personal knowledge and research. Here are some points to help you develop a strong topic for your dissertation writing.

Think about Subject Matter and Research It

A strong topic is something you need to think about first. In order to make your topic strong enough you need to consider elements necessary to make it unique and standout. You will need to consider sources available you can pull data from to make your topic strong. Even if you don’t have a solid idea you need to make an effort to research what you know. From here, you may be able to find a way to write about something that can provide thought-provoking content to your reading audience.

Make List of Sources Useful for Research of a Topic

A source list helps you stay on top of your topic, even if you don’t have one yet. Think about sources offering updated information on your areas of interest. This can be websites, books, magazines and even people. Sometimes you can find a few sources to read and later find a good topic to write about. You can also consider controversial and trending issues in the media. Social media often has trending issues you see people sharing information about. You may find something in relation to your dissertation assignment. Since you will do a lot of research it helps to start a source list anyway.

Learn about Other Papers Written on the Topic

There are dissertation examples you can read through your school website. In most cases you can find similar content on other college and university websites. Each school has a specific standard they want students to meet, so it is possible you may have access to a dissertation previously written. Your instructor will know what they want to see from you. You can provide ideas you come up with to them or the committee that will review your work. Get creative with your idea and take note of what other students were able to come up with.

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