Dissertation Topics: 10 Strategies To Set Your Imagination Free

Choosing a topic for dissertation can be quite tough task. Someone else already takes every topic you think of. You need to follow the instructions given by your teacher and as well create a unique and engaging topic. Students spend most of their time in thinking for the right topic to use in their paper. Most of the times, they do not free themselves of the worry and repeatedly adopt the same thinking process to come up with a unique topic. If you are feeling the same, you need to change your approach towards the idea generation. This article will tell you ten different strategies you can opt when you have to choose a dissertation topic.

  1. Get rid of the stress
  2. You will never be able to think better and focus when you are in stress. If you are worried about your paper, the best thing you could do is to plan and get relaxed. You can only do your best when you are stress free.

  3. Read expert written suggestions and hints
  4. This way you will be able to understand the best ways to come up with a great topic. Make use of their experience in this field and use these ideas to create your own unique topic. Read books, follow bloggers, and look for academic journals to find expert opinions.

  5. Find a list of good topics on your subject
  6. You can also find lists of topics in guidebooks and the internet. You do not have to use these topics as your own because that will be considered plagiarism. However, you can use these topics to create your own.

  7. Brainstorm
  8. Brainstorming is a great way to trigger new ideas and find new directions for your topic. It is an effective process to set your imagination free and let your creative juices flow.

  9. Decide the best productive times of the day
  10. Not all times of the day are ideal for thinking. You need to figure out which time suits you the best and only focus on these times.

  11. Get a break
  12. If your mind is occupied with the paper, you will never be able to concentrate better. You need to break free from this stress and tension that you have for the paper.


  13. Visit the library often
  14. Read newspapers and journals
  15. Keep an eye on the hot issues on media
  16. Discuss with seniors

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