How to Apply APA Citation to Your Dissertation

There are all kinds of ways to make APA citation easy in a book length level project. What you want is a good model to use for all kinds of sources—ones you know is really correct. Some people prefer to use wizards but these do not always yield the right answers. I am going to tell you all kinds of methods that will help you to cite all of your sources correctly throughout your dissertation project.

APA Wizards

APA Wizards can be highly effective when having to cite multiple different kinds of sources from books, to articles, to internet sources.

APA Wizards allow you to put in the information from your source, including, if you’re citing an article, the author, date, article title, journal title, the page numbers the article covers, and the volume and issue number. All of these elements will be necessary for you to provide the information for the wizard, so make sure to print out everything at the library before you bring it home – or copy and paste it directly from the library site into the wizard.

For internet articles you will need even more information and the wizard will tell you what to provide. Some will even look up the source for you on the internet. So experiment with different types of APA Wizards to find the best one.

Memorizing The Most Common APA Citations

You can easily memorize citation methods for your three most common types of citations--- books, articles from databases, and articles from the World Wide Web.

This is actually quicker than internet wizards as you can simply dash off your citation and Works Cited information the right way the first time as you write down the information.

Basically the rules for each will be so similar that soon, you will have it down from memory.

Using Another Dissertation as a Model

If you want to use a model which will actually show you how someone else completed their dissertation with correct APA citations, this can be a highly effective method.

Whatever university you are attending will have previous students’ dissertations on file or bound in the library. Choose a student in the same discipline as you as sone disciplines, especially English, history, and anything to do with the arts will use MLA format as opposed to APA. This will give you a laid out model for APA.

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