Crafting a winning dissertation: general rules to be observed

Want to write a dissertation that will be utterly stupendous? Follow these general rules to help guide you:

  • Keep it concise
  • Know your topic
  • Elevate your language

Keep it concise

Rambling is never good in a paper. In order for your dissertation to achieve greatness you need to keep it concise. Keep your title to a minimum, do not go overboard in trying to get everything into your title that you can. There is no need for you to give away the heart of your paper before the reader has picked up your dissertation. It would be like the author of a mystery telling you who the murderer is and utterly killing any of the suspense you might have felt in reading the book through to find out who did it. Aside from trying to keep the title from being too long, you should also make sure that your dissertation is concise in its details and paragraphs. You want your dissertation to flow like a river but not ramble like a wandering stream.

Know your topic

 Knowledge is power and your dissertation must reflect that. If you do not know your subject matter very well then you are not ready to start writing. Research your topic very carefully, asking yourself questions that pertain to your subject that need to be answered in your dissertation. This will help guide your research into finding what you need in order to sound quite knowledgeable about the topic you are using in your dissertation. Proper research and then a fine execution of that research into an understandable dissertation are the goals you should be striving for, not hurrying to write when you hardly know your subject matter very well. To test yourself you can have a friend or your advisor quiz you on the material to see if you understand it as well as you think you do.

Elevate your language

 Your style of writing reflects you. The language in which you write your dissertation should not sound like an everyday conversation, nor should it sound like you just came from the ghettos. Slang and derogatory remarks will only degrade your paper and make it unsatisfactory to read. Avoid the use of small words and instead go for longer words that will incorporate what you are trying to say. Find a dictionary or buy your own copy so you can look up words to help improve your intellect and thereby upgrade your dissertation into something worth reading.

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