How to write a doctoral dissertation in a month

For those needing to write their doctoral dissertation in a short deadline here are a few tips to help you finish in time:

  • Plan before starting
  • Persist and persevere
  • Know your limits

Plan before starting

   Doing something is a lot harder when you do not have a clear outline of what you are going to do. When you have a short deadline, a month for example, figuring out how you are going to go about writing your dissertation will make things a little smoother. Planning your dissertation, perhaps with a short outline of how things will proceed will serve as a guide in writing your dissertation. It is said that one should do nothing without a plan and writing a dissertation is definitely a fine example of needing a plan of action before starting.

Persist and persevere

A doctoral dissertation is a larger undertaking than an undergraduate thesis or graduate dissertation. At some point while writing your dissertation you are going to feel overwhelmed and most likely start stressing out about meeting your deadline. Do not panic but take a deep calming breath and persevere your way through it. It may look like you have a mountain of work to do but persisting through it will show you that most of the writing blocks are in your head. Stay calm and look at your work, often times what is needed is a step back to look at the larger picture before trying to continue. Some may even find it better to focus more on the easier parts first before tackling the harder areas.

Know your limits

Be well aware of your methods and deadline when you start your dissertation. Everyone has his or her way of writing and for some too much pressurizing can lead to disastrous results. Know your limitations to better ensure an easier effort in writing your dissertation. When you know how much sleep you need to get in order to be coherent, and what work environment suits you best it can achieve wonders when you write. Keeping your deadline in sight will also serve as a powerful motivator in keeping you on course and true to your purpose. Do not let it stress you out but be mindful of the passing of time in order not to fall behind while writing your dissertation. It is very easy to think that there is plenty of time to write when actually there is not.

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