Common rules on how to write in the apa dissertation format

Is this your first time writing a paper in APA format? Did you write your paper in the APA style but did not get enough score? Do you think there is something difficult about formatting your paper in APA style?

Well, many students stress out when they think of formatting the paper in a certain style. Most of them have never used this style before so they think it will be hard. It is not difficult to write your paper following the APA format. The American Psychological Association set this standard for social sciences and psychology related subjects so that every student can follow it. You need to learn a few basics with heading, numberings, publications, font, and margins. It is not necessary that you memorize these by heart. You can simply make notes on a paper and paste in near your computer. When you write your paper, double-check everything from the note and you will be good to go.

Rules for APA style paper

Here are a few rules everyone needs to follow to write a standard APA style paper

  1. The font of your paper should be Times New Roman or any other easily readable font.
  2. The size of the font should be 12 points in an APA style paper.
  3. The names of people, important events in history, departments etc need to have capital initials. Theories and hypothesis however should not use capital first letters.
  4. When you use a number in APA style, make sure to spell it. Do not use digits and numerical figures for numbers under ten. For example, “4 cats were sleeping” is not the appropriate way to include a number. You should rather say, “Four cats were sleeping.”
  5. If there are tables in your paper then you need to number them in the right order. You cannot use letters and alphabets for theses tables. Include these tables in the table of content section of your paper along with the right numbering.
  6. The rows and columns in your tables should have a heading to let the reader know what are the values for.
  7. If you were to include a number that is less than one, you need to put a zero before the decimal point for example 0.04. 0.399 etc.
  8. The paper should have a running header and one inch margins throughout.

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