Hot to create a good MBA dissertation topic

Doing an MBA can be one of the best professional decisions you ever make but that may be little comfort to you right before you begin your dissertation. The work may be difficult but you can handle it. Here are some tips to help you start out well and pick the best possible topic:

Pick a specialization

If your MBA is already in a specific field such as Human Resource or Finance, then you can skip to the next step but if your MBA is more general you may find yourself uncertain on how to progress. The dissertation process should be made as easy as possible by either picking the subfield you find most enjoyable or the one you find easiest.

Read up on cutting edge research

Once you know the direction you intend to take, start reading all the literature you can find in that field that was produced recently. This will make your dissertation more current.

Discuss with your professors

Even if you think you have the best possible topic in mind, double check with your professor. He or she may notice pitfalls ahead that you are blind to in your excitement.

Make sure there’s adequate Source Material

It’s rare but every once in a while the perfect topic may appear that no one else has thought to research until you. While this may be a great way to gain fame as a researcher, it also gives you far more work to do initially. If you don’t mind then go ahead but if you already feel stretched to your limits, avoid putting more than you need to on your plate.

Once you have these tips in hand you’re ready to start creating topics. Here’s what yours may end up looking like:

  • The Freelance Economy and Emerging Organizational Structures
  • How Online Banking Has Revolutionized Finance
  • Unregulated Online Currencies and Other New Threats to the Global Economy
  • The Rise of The Social Entrepreneur in Response to the More Socially Conscious Consumer
  • Greening Banking: Can Old Institutions Be Taught New Tricks?
  • Is the Marketing Mix Still Relevant in Today’s Economy?
  • Can Tourism Survive A Global Epidemic?
  • How Can Technologically Inept Managers Protect their Companies’ Intellectual Property?
  • Should Polluting Companies Proactively Offer Compensation as Part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy?

As you can see, any of these topics can easily be successfully applied to the writing of an MBA dissertation.

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