A Complete Undergraduate History Dissertation Writing Guide

This short article is an introduction to a complete undergraduate history dissertation writing guide. It will help those students who are new to the environment of academic writing in general and who need constructive instructions on how to prepare their dissertation projects. The guidance provided herein is based on previous and current academic writing and teaching experience and can, therefore, be regarded as authoritative.

Guidelines are in accordance with academic rules

The advice provided herein is also written in accordance with universally applicable academic writing conventions and rules. Students are advised to check their college faculty for methods being used. Rest assured, however, that the guidelines here closely reflect what needs to be done. The tips provided are on the assumption that students are preparing a history thesis paper, whether as a single undergraduate module or towards their major in history.

Emphasis is on reading

The nature of studying and writing on history is indicative of many close readings of a range of texts and extensive research. The more information that is provided in the essay, the better. Also, much of the information that is required is based on facts. At the undergraduate level, students need to place emphasis on providing their readers with as much information as possible. Only when specifically instructed to do so, shall students be providing their readers with an objective analysis. Before writing, therefore, students must first study their assignment instructions closely and then prepare a project plan that will ensure that they can work towards their submission deadlines.

Writing structure

After close reading and extensive research has been completed on the subject, students can then proceed with the dissertation writing a segment of their project. First collate all rough notes taken during the reading and research exercise. Then put together a draft document noting the most important facts in context with the assignment instructions. Online help and library catalog information is available for providing more detailed instructions on how to construct the history paper. For the time being, focus on the essay’s introduction, body, and conclusion and write by using short sentences and paragraphs.

This short guide provided undergraduate students with a brief introduction on how to proceed with the reading and writing work of their first history paper. By raising salient points, it recommended that students extend and focus their learning towards more detailed instructions in order to craft a document that complies with academic traditions.

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