I Need To Find A Good Dissertations Database - Ideas To Help You Out

If you are required to write a dissertation then you will be doing the right thing by yourself if you spread your net as far and as wide as possible. One of the best sources of information for the writing of your dissertation can come from the study of other dissertations. The problems you will encounter in this situation are as follows.

  • Dissertations tend to be stored only by the educational institution which sponsored them.
  • Some dissertations are not available for a period of years - say 5 years.
  • Some dissertations are not available in full with certain sections redacted.
  • Some dissertations are not available in digital format.
  • There may be a cost involved in obtaining a copy of a dissertation.

It's very important that in making a search for what you hope will be a helpful dissertation is that you know how to fine tune the focus of your search. You'll find that many an academic institution will have a number of their dissertations online but it’s important that you follow the instructions on their website so as to make your search as quick as easy as possible.

You need to be prepared for the fact that if you do find details about a particular dissertation which you believe will be extremely helpful for your writing, that it may not be possible to get the entire dissertation or that you may have to wait some time to get it. You need to factor these facts into the timetable for the writing of your dissertation.

If you are after a dissertation which has only recently been published, it may be the case that it is simply not available. Some students place an embargo on the release of their writing for a period of years and this is a factor again which you may need to consider.

It can be disconcerting to obtain a dissertation and to begin reading it to find that some sections of it have been redacted.

If you want a dissertation which is published many years ago and certainly before the transfer of material to a digital format, the only version of the document will be in printed form. You will need to go through the procedures of ordering this document and this could take some time. You may also be required to pay a fee for the copying and postage of this document. Always bear this information in mind. Otherwise it is fair to say that there is a world of dissertations out there awaiting your reading eye.

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