History Dissertation Writing Help: How to Write an Impressive Paper

It may seem that all dissertations should be alike, but in reality, these papers vary greatly due to the specifics of the subjects they cover. When you need to write a dissertation in history, you will need to combine the formal writing requirements with the things that are unique for this particular field of study. This way, you will get a dissertation that will impress both your professors and future employers.

Here are some tips that will help you do this:

  • Put off developing a thesis until you are well into the research.
  • Unlike many other subjects, history is rather ambiguous and you will need to work really hard to tie a dissertation that covers a period in some distant past to the present. It’s a necessary requirement for this type of paper to be relevant and applicable in real life. This means that you cannot simply focus on describing some event of the past and be done with it.

    In order to come up with a truly good thesis, you need to know the topic well enough to ask the right kind of “present world” questions.

  • Argue your case.
  • Every history paper must prove its point, not merely state it. If you focus on narration, you will end up with a history novel instead of a dissertation. You need to argue your own answers to the questions posed in the paper to prove that the things you say are indeed true.

  • Take a well-defined position.
  • Your readers must understand exactly where you stand on the issue when they finish reading your dissertation. You need to state your convictions clearly from the start, and provide logical arguments and hard evidence to prove that you are indeed right.

    However, do not forget that there are very few 100% “right” or “wrong” answers when it comes to history. You need to do your best to persuade your audience, but you should never insult your opponents’ views and ideas. Use logic and facts to counter them.

  • Develop a detailed outline.
  • It can be easy to lose your argument’s train of thought when it comes to history, as there are some many interesting facts you will undoubtedly discover during the research. You will need a detailed plan that describes the progress of every argument in order to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

  • Start with a bang.
  • Your introduction must grab the readers’ attention from the very beginning. Your dissertation’s introduction must not only introduce the thesis and your main arguments, but it must also set the historical context of the paper.

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