A Guide To Dissertation Writing: The Research Methodology

The research methodology is one of the most critical parts of any paper that you will work on for as long as you are a student. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of teachers out there who consider this to be the only part of the paper that really makes your work stand out, because it is the real research. Of course there are other parts of your paper that are equally interesting and worth paying attention to, such as the literature review section, but the methodology part is more hands on, more practical, and it is because of this reason that you need to be pristine when you are working on it.

Introduce it

Like any other section or chapter in your paper, have a proper introduction for the methodology section. Make sure that you highlight in this part what you intend to do, how you intend to do it, and provide a few more briefs about what is to come ahead. This gives the reader a quick glance at your work and helps them make a decision on whether to proceed or not.


There are two types of data that you might be working with in this section, qualitative and quantitative data. In some cases, and depending on the kind of paper that you are writing, you might only use one of them.

These two are words that stand out and are very easy to spot, so you can rest assured that your teacher’s eyes will most certainly be hovering about this section trying to fish them out. Woe unto thee if you do not have them, for your section will have earned an automatic fail.

Types of data

Besides the information mentioned above, you also need to showcase some of the sources of data that you will be using for this work. To be precise, you have to indicate whether or not you are going to be using primary data, secondary data or both.

As is the case with qualitative and quantitative data, these are also two words that really stand out, and it will be very easy for you teacher to notice their presence or their absence. What you learn here therefore is that even without reading through your paper, your teacher is justifiably in a good position to fail you or pass you, just by skimming through your paper and looking for these keywords.

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