10 Books That Can Help You Do Research For A Geography Dissertation

Yes, you can always get help online. It does not matter what you are looking for because invariably you are going to find something of use to you. But you are probably asking whether it will be enough. In the case of doing research for a geography dissertation, you will need a lot more than the internet. You want your paper to be as informative as possible, and you also want it to be authentic. What this means mainly is that at the end of the day, readers will be presented with your summations on your chosen or designated geography assignment.

Your classroom, college lecture hall, and nearest public library still offer you the best resources possible. What this article does briefly is to provide you with a list of just ten books that will help you with your research. Some of these books are important and should therefore not be ignored during the research process of your work.

  • The main textbook – Whether you are in high school or college your prescribed text is the beginning point of your research work.

  • A reference guide of terms – Your prescribed text and other sources may not have a definitive explanation of geographical terms that you need to understand before you apply them.

  • Map books – Being effective in your geography work includes the practice of studying maps.

  • Subject-related texts – regarding your chosen topic you will be sourcing texts that are closely linked to what you propose to write.

  • Geological surveys – Like mapping, these surveys provide you with the additional scientific background.

  • Region-specific texts – This allows you to specialize and not generalize because even though regions have similar characteristics they also have their own unique features.

  • Historical and cultural background – This is part of the study of geography.

  • Peer review journals – It helps to find out what academics have written and proposed.

  • Dissertation guides – You still need to prepare a professional paper. The guide will help you with this.

  • Academic rule book – You need to ensure that your dissertation stays on topic and conforms to the conventions and set rules laid down by the faculty through which you are working.

You will found clues here how important it is to broaden your research methodologies. You need to do this in order to give your paper as much detail as possible but without losing track of your key subject area and always citing the relevant sources within your dissertation and in your list of references at the end.

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