How To Obtain A Dissertation Example Without Having To Pay For It

Writing a dissertation is never easy for anyone, and no one ever writes it without help. Dissertation writing may seem like a long solitary project but it does not need to be, and seldom is. The best kind of help that you can get is a combination of people and examples. You will need people for guiding and assisting you through the unusually lengthy process. In addition, examples will make your task easier. While finding help from colleagues and other people is not usually too hard, it is sometimes harder to locate a good example of a dissertation. The places where dissertation examples are available are usually paid services. If you are looking for an example of a dissertation and do not wish to pay for it, you can:

  1. Speak to your faculty members: Your supervisor may be able to help you with this. Faculty members have access to past works and they usually remember the stellar works. An example provided by your department is by far the most superior one you can hope to have.
  2. Visit your University library and database: Your University library. Archives and database are places that have hoards of dissertations stored in them. The problem arises when these are not properly indexed. Try going by keywords if your digital database is accessible. Your librarian may be able to help you locate a good example too.
  3. Online libraries and databases: This is a treasure chest for scholars and researchers, and an organized one at that. You just need to be smart when you enter the keywords. The search engine will turn in as many results as possible containing your keywords. To see which dissertation can be the perfect example for your purposes, go through a few abstracts. Access to these libraries and databases is mixed: Parts of the database are available to everyone, while others are restricted. You will probably be asked to register before you can avail these services.

If the above sources do not give adequate results, or you want to forego the hassle, you can always contact an online academic writing company to provide you with an example. You may end up paying a small fee for their trouble though. Weigh in your priorities and time constraints before you make your decision. In case dissertation writing is taking too much of a toll on you, you can even consider outsourcing the work to the academic writers.

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