List Of Interesting Dissertation Titles For Banking And Finance Students

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a part of your academic curriculum that you need to submit for final assessment. You need to put to use what you have learned throughout your academic session and produce some form of literature to convey your understanding of your field of study. Most commonly a dissertation is represented in the form of an essay, but there can be other unconventional literature as well. However, you do not need to put down in words what you have learned as a part of your curriculum and you will be judged and accredited based on that.

Dissertations on banking and finance

Banking and finance are two very interrelated topics, and to study one of them you would need to have knowledge of the other. Finding a suitable topic for your dissertation can be difficult, but what is more difficult is to find a proper title. The title is the first thing that one reads of your essay, and you need to impress the reader right off. So finding a good title would be instrumental in having a good essay.

List of good dissertation titles related to banking and finance

It is difficult to suggest a title without knowing what the topic of your essay is. However, considering the most common topics a list of titles have been presented here. Even if they do not match exactly with your chosen topic, you can get an idea of how to construct an effective and interesting title.

  • A discussion on how interest rates might affect the prices of conventional bonds.
  • A study of Internet Banking on national Scale and its effects.
  • Finance policies like dividend payment and their worldwide effects.
  • Discussion on the potential pros and cons of Foreign Direct Investment in third world countries.
  • Microfinance, what it has achieved and failed to achieve.
  • Study of the impact of capital markets on national economic growth.
  • The correlation between economic growth and inflation, considering the effects of interest rates.

These are some very broad title options. However, you can get the basic idea from these examples. You need to bring the topic into light in the most non-controversial agreeable manner possibly. You also need to convey the message that you have done some research, some work on your dissertation, and not copied it off some website. Find an original, interesting and inspirational title.

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