Academic Writing Ideas: 20 Great Dissertation Titles In Sociology

There is always that one paper that most students like to work on better than all the others, and in most learning institutions it has to be sociology. A lot of students are drawn to sociology because of the fact that the concepts that they discuss from time to time are real, they are things that they can relate to, ideas and concepts that they see unfolding before their eyes every other day. Here are some simple titles that you can think about when you have been given such a task to hand over.

  1. Discuss the concept and challenges of racial segregation in metropolitan cities and towns
  2. Explain the relationship between race and class
  3. What are the differences between culture and race, and explain their correlation
  4. Discuss the concept of patriotism, with an inference to nationalism and pride
  5. Explain how the modern media presents young women to society
  6. Discuss how the role of the men in society has developed over the past decade
  7. Explain how knowledge and education has impacted on the lives and role of women in the society
  8. Criticize the concept where commercials are played at particular times of the viewing experience (day or evening)
  9. Having watched Jersey Shore, highlight some of the issues that our society is struggling with, which are portrayed in this TV show
  10. The society is struggling with junk food and lifestyle choices. Who should shoulder the blame?
  11. Discuss some cultural beliefs that you are aware of about food, in particular from your people
  12. Youth culture is currently one of the hottest trends worldwide. Discuss
  13. Explain how the celebrities affect the lives of their fans positively
  14. With an inference to rock and rap music, explain why the youth are rebellious and see this as the only way to portray their anger or disgust at society
  15. Street gangs are an evil that most communities struggle with. Discuss how these gangs form and what should be done to curb their negative impact
  16. Criticize or support the concept of community policing in your neighborhood or anywhere else that you know of the existence of such a program
  17. Discuss how sports personalities inspire the youth
  18. Discuss the limits to which fashion becomes fashionable
  19. Discuss the concept of feminism as it manifests in the world around you
  20. Critique the internet with a view to cyberbullying

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