Practical Tips On How To Create A Good Dissertation Conclusion

Coming up with the perfect conclusion to your dissertation is one of the most important things that will help you get to marks for your paper. You have to remember that your teacher will have taken their time to read through the entire work from the first page, so they probably have a good idea of everything that you have done so far.

At the last juncture, how you close off your arguments will significantly determine whether you will get high marks for the task at hand or not. Because of this reason therefore, you have to put in more effort when working on your dissertation, to learn how the perfect conclusion is supposed to look.

The following are some practical tips that will help you come to understand what makes your paper better, and how to write a fitting conclusion to your work, irrespective of whether you are writing your first paper or not.

  • Focus on the title

  • Resonate the introduction

  • Close off arguments

  • Steer off new ideas

Focus on the title

Most students write the title of their paper and forget about everything else. The title of your paper is supposed to guide the rest of your work even the conclusion. Before, during and after you have written your conclusion, try and read the title again and see if they go hand in hand. If this is not the case, consider rewriting the conclusion until you have something that you can put forward for consideration.

Resonate the introduction

If you are ever writing this chapter and you feel as though you are running out of ideas, you will definitely need to go back to the introduction and find some insight. There is a lot that you can learn from here. You are actually free to borrow ideas from your introduction and use them herein.

Close off arguments

In the concluding chapter, you are supposed to tie off all arguments and discussions. Quell any doubts that might be in the mind of the reader. Answer any lingering question and finish your paper.

Steer off new ideas

Never make the mistake of introducing a new idea or any new ideas in this chapter. This is not the place. You might do that in the recommendation section, but leave that out of this chapter. This is all about concluding your work, so do just that.

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