Essential Components Of An Excellent Dissertation Introduction

The introduction of a dissertation is like an engine that drives the rest of the paper. A poorly written introduction is taken as a reflection of the whole document and could influence the committee’s decision to disapprove your paper at such an early stage. It is therefore important to invest your time in drafting a stellar introduction. Continue reading to learn more about the components of an excellent introduction.

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is often an overlooked part by many students. It highlights the aim of your research in one or two sentences. Always keep your introductory paragraph short and straightforward.

Background of the Problem

This section is a bit large as it contains some essential parts such as the literature review, methodology, and the keywords to be used in the paper. Most importantly, the background of the problem section should outline the most recent studies related to the matter in question, a summary of contentious issues, any other concerns in the society and national or international issues related to your topic. The section often ranges between two to four pages in size and always come before the statement of the problem section.

Statement of the Problem

Statement of the problem can also be referred to as the gap in your area of research. It is the reason why you are writing a paper about it. This section states the problem itself.

Importance of the Study

The purpose for your dissertation can be stated in one or two paragraphs but should never be more than one page. It states your research design, variables, the population you shall use as well as the location of the study. Note however that most of the things outlined in this section will have to be explained in detail at a further chapter. The significance of the study is usually stated immediately after this section and highlights how the research will better the conditions of human beings.

Primary Research questions and hypothesis

The two sections follow each other concurrently. The primary questions are often derived from the purpose of the study, and are sometimes followed by a null and alternative hypothesis in a dissertation related to qualitative study.

Theoretical framework and definition of terms

The introduction of your paper must state the theoretical framework that should be used in the research. Finally, summarize the content of your first chapter and state a preview of what to expect next.

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