Coming Up With Great Clinical Psychology Master's Thesis Topics

Looking for Clinical Psychology topics for your Master’s?

You have come to the right place. There is no long intro here, just a listing of great topic ideas for your thesis:

  1. The psychological impacts of a child’s accident on parents. An investigation into the theory and evidence.
  2. The psychological impact of a young child’s accident on siblings. A study of the theory and evidence.
  3. The psychological impact of the rise of the digital age on young children.
  4. The impact of the digital age and the rise in rebellious behavior in teens. A phenomenological study.
  5. Rising cases of homebound obesity. Is it a case of better reporting or increasingly distorted dietary behavior?
  6. The impact of crime on the mental health of children. Can social support alter the effects?
  7. The impact of crime on the mental health of older adults.
  8. Emotional trauma: is the intervention of therapists necessary?
  9. The effects of negative therapist intervention.
  10. The role of memory in attitudes towards problem solving. Can problem solving behavior be altered by changing perceptions?
  11. The causes and effects of team conflict.
  12. Can aggressive leadership prevent team conflict? A study of the theory and evidence.
  13. The psychology of team leaders: how much does personal preference effect promotion opportunities for subordinates?
  14. The effects of witnessing continuous trauma after bombings in Pakistan. The story of the medical staff.
  15. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in ambulance crews. Challenges and treatments.
  16. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women after abortion. A phenomenological study.
  17. The psychological impact of abortion on men.
  18. The impact of abortion on children. How do they cope?
  19. Distress due to impending retirement in the elderly. A study of the causal effects and courses for treatments.
  20. The role and impact of incomplete knowledge in social interactions with patients of terminal diseases.
  21. Self-harm in children. Causes and treatments.
  22. The role of Social Media in Anti-social behavior. A study of the evidence and how to prevent such behavior.
  23. The impact of social media in the social sidelining of young adults. Is it a psychological, social or law issue?
  24. The impact of bullying at home and at school on children. Causes and treatments.
  25. The psychological impact of the death of a parent on pre-school children. The role of the therapist.

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