Directions For University Students: Creating A Dissertation Conclusion

Writing a dissertation is one of the most complicated and lengthy tasks students complete during their lifetime. When they start their academic careers, they begin with simpler assignments like essay writing and move on to complex ones like term and research papers. New types and styles of writing are introduced as they promote to higher grades. A dissertation is the project that a student writes in his higher or advanced level degrees. This enables the student to qualify for his or her degree. If the official committee members at the university do not approve of the thesis then the student might have to write it from scratch or ask for an extension. It is vital to keep the teachers instructions and requirements in mind in order to compose a winning paper.

Even though the entire dissertation requires critical analysis and research, the most complicated part is to sum up the work in the last paragraph or chapter. Conclusion is the last chapter in your paper before the endnotes and citations. Conclusion is the section, which requires you to summarize everything you have included in your paper. If the conclusion of your paper is not precise enough, then all your efforts will be in vain. You need to end on a clear note and give your readers proof or your data and work. In order to create a winning conclusion for your paper, you need to keep the following considerations in your mind.

Start by listing down all your major points on a rough paper. This will help you have an idea of the data you should include in this chapter. Remember that the conclusion is a summary of the paper and no new ideas will entertain your readers. If you try to add a new idea or suggestion, then you will confuse your readers. You need to write your first draft by including all these major arguments.

Your conclusion must be clear and precise. Keep it relevant and brief so that the readers can find the extract of your paper and research. If you add unnecessary details, it will ruin the impression of your writing.

Never show confusion or unclear statements at this point in your essay. Avoid using lengthy and complicated sentence structures because they can create confusion. You need to give a clear solution to your readers.

Edit and proof read.

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